Car Search Nigeria: Help
System Overview
This project was a combination fleet management application and vehicle tracking application using LoJack RF technology, GPS, and the StarTrack satellite communication system. The product was never implemented beyond the live testing stage because funding ended in Oct 2002.
Glossary / Terms
  • STS - StarTrackServer.exe:

    A packet server which maintains a connection with the StarTrack PPC - it stores all packets into a SQL database pushed from the PPC, forwards requests from CarSearch.exe to the PPC, and serves packet requests based on customer id's to individual CarSearch.exe programs.
  • CarSearch - CarSearch.exe:

    An application allowing text based communication and location tracking of vehicles containing the Net-960 and MDT2000.
  • CarSearchLoJack - CarSearchLoJack.exe:

    An application allowing text based communication and location tracking of vehicles containing the Net-960 and MDT2000. Also has the ability to send commands and receive signals of LJU's.
  • PDBridge

    An application running on a single board computer which bridges the communication protocals and transmission logic between the MDT2000 and LoJack Packet Decoder.
  • App960

    An application running on a Net-960 device providing text-based communication to the CarSearch program.
  • FireBird

    High performance SQL server.
  • PPC

    StarTrack Packet Processing Center
  • MDT

    MDT2000. Mobile Data Terminal satellite modem.
  • Net-960

    Small footprint terminal device mountable on vehicle dashboard. Connects to MDT2000 providing satellite uplink and downlink capability for text messaging.
  • SBC

    Single board computer.
  • LoJack PD

    LoJack Packet Decoder.
  • LJU

    LoJack vehicle tracking device.







Execute on any Win32 based PC with a TCP network connection. The application will run in the system tray when minimized or the 'X' is clicked. To exit, click 'File', 'Exit'. A short cut to STS can be placed in the StartUp folder so that it will automatically execute on login. Win2K can be configured to login to a particular user on bootup so that STS will execute without a physical login.

TCP ports used: 400, 3050, and 26666. If a firewall is used these ports must me opened.

[ ] Use temp connections: This check box determines whether the PPC connection is permanent or broken every time a request is made. The default is off. If two or more STS's are to be run simultaneously the 'master' will maintain a permanent connection and the backups will have '[ ] Use temp connections' checked.

Update every [10] min: This number determines how often the PPC is queried when temporary connections are used.

Database [ ]: This edit box contains the ip address or host name of the FireBird SQL server.

StarTrack Server [ ]: This drop down list determines which of the four PPC addresses to connect to.

StarTrack VAR [ ]: This drop down list determines which VAR (TEST or LIVE) is used on PPC login. The MDT2000s are assigned to one or the other by StarTrack.


[Check Now]: Clicking this button will query the PPC for stored packets.

Database [Connect/Disconnect]: Toggles the connection to the database. The panel below will display the date and time of the last good connection and be green on connected, red on not connected. STS automatically verifies the connection every 60 seconds.

Database [Verify]: Pings the database to verify a connection. No response on success.

Message box: Echoes the messages passing to and from the PPC and CarSearch applications.

[File|Terminals]: This maintenance screen is for relating MDT2000 terminal ids with customer ids.