AutoTest2 is a portable, small footprint (4MB) windows application designed to:

  • Store project requirements and defect descriptions.
  • Record and store the associated test scripts.
  • Run the test scripts providing test case automation.
  • Automatically detect visual differences from baseline imagery produced from earlier successful tests.
  • Produce high quality PDF documentation of test descriptions, results, scripts, and baseline imagery.
AutoTest2 differentiates itself from the product based testing tools in several major ways:
  • It focuses on project specific requirements. At MapFrame all projects require customization of symbology (size, shape, and color), layer control, etc. resulting in mostly visual based test cases. AutoTest2 provides visual change detection, product testing does not.
  • The product based automation tool QTP requires programming expertise (Visual Basic), AutoTest2 does not.
  • It’s portable and simple enough to use that it could also be a customer facing tool or used off site, the product testing tool requires GE network access, credentials, and significant training.