VSR [Stolen Vehicle Tracking Infrastructure]

In 1997 I became a consultant for Vehicle Security Resource, Ltd. (the LoJack licensee for the countries of Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Ecuador) based in Bogotà, Colombia.


Command Post 98

Command Post 98 was developed to enhance the vehicle tracking ability of the LoJack system. This application was used from 1997 to 2000 as the primary tool for activating LoJack vehicle transmitters and collecting the resulting RF signals for tracking.



Bogotà, Colombia

Looking out my apartment window in December.



Although Bogotà is very near the equator it is 9,000 feet above sea level so the temperatures range from 40F to 75F all year long.



I lived and worked in the north east section of Bogotà one of the very nice sections of the city.



VSR in Alicante, Spain

In 1999, the CP98 software was demonstrated in Alicante, Spain for prospective LoJack licensees. The demonstration was so successful that VSR was contracted to manage the Spanish infrastructure and daily operations. A pictorial of an installing at CASTILLO DE STA. BARBARA in Alicante, Spain



Looking outside our office at the Mediterranean.



Installing transmitter / receiver in 1200 year old closet.



Setting up a temporary tower 1



Setting up a temporary tower 2



Installing workstations for demo.



In front of royal coat of arms.



Group picture of engineers and marketing